Stupid Music Questions

uh, y'know, the sounds that sound good together... sometimes... and sometimes sounds like the disgusting "squish squish" sound Slicker's mom makes whenever she walks

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Re: Stupid Music Questions

Postby anarky » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:19 pm

The best were when there was a sticker on the case (not the outside wrapper, the actual jewel case) that said, "Contains the secret hidden bonus track 'Whatever the Title Is.'" I already had quarrels with a "bonus" track that's on every copy (since it's really not a bonus), but it's not a secret if you tell me. I remember The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill actually had her biggest hit as a "secret hidden bonus" track.

There's a way around what you described, but it involves a few extra (annoying) steps when ripping. Still, I'd prefer to be annoyed just the once. Particularly when it's something like Nevermind and just random noise and shit after a huge silence.

What bugs me is that I'm ultra-anal when it comes to titles. Wikipedia and Gracenotes have most albums covered, but every so often there'll be that more obscure album that you simply cannot find the title of the hidden track and have to guess.
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