The Ten Worst Heavy Metal Albums of All-Time!

uh, y'know, the sounds that sound good together... sometimes... and sometimes sounds like the disgusting "squish squish" sound Slicker's mom makes whenever she walks

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Re: The Ten Worst Heavy Metal Albums of All-Time!

Postby arnaky » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:31 pm

I haven't heard of most of these. President Santorum outlawed all heavy metal during his fourth term in office.

(Didn't you hear? I learned I'm not from the evil Earth-2, but from the cool Earth-2. I thought I was evil because I fucking hate Rollo Tomassi, but that's because Rollo and anarky are chill here, so we're mortal enemies there. Sorta like James Hetfield and Bones McCoy.)
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