toys are cool. they are fun. you like to play with toys. no, not THOSE kinds of toys. well, okay, those are fun too...

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Postby Ran » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:25 pm

One of the guys I work with was looking at this when I walked into his office. Specialman is in there. My favorite is E3P0. ... ts_pid=906

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Re: Bootlegs

Postby vynsane » Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:07 pm

i can't wait until Zack Snyder gets to the "Sense of Right Alliance" movie, featuring Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Yellow Ranger, Shrek and Yellow Lightning McQueen.

also, holy shit, all the spoilers for Robert Cop 2, The Furniture of Law Enforcement:

  • Futuristic Robert!
  • Terminator (Autobotic!)
  • Exciting Movie Look!
  • Toy!

and it includes his classic catchphrase "I'll be back"!

if you look really hard, the back features other characters from Robert Cop 2, which seem to be the T-1000 playing "Ray Liotta" and Johnny 5 playing "Optical Prime"!

also, i had a "Black Man: I Love The School!" backpack in fourth grade. it was awesome. that show was great, too, it was just him making sweet, passionate love to an unspecified elementary school building for 22 minutes each saturday morning.
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