Tech Company Is Apparently Offering Night With A Porn Star As Bonus

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Tech Company Is Apparently Offering Night With A Porn Star As Bonus

Postby Newsbot » Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:40 pm

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and in China’s corporate world, this means it’s time to hand out lavish gifts to employees based on how much money they made for the company the year before.

According to Hypebeast, technology firm Qihoo 360 is offering a prize that would suggest at least some of the higher-ups watched “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and missed the part of the movie about the moral lapses and felony convictions.

If the leaked image below is to be believed, that prize is a night with Japanese porn star 京香じゅりあ (also known as “Julia,” but I’m sure you already knew that).

The story can be traced back to the Chinese website, which posted a grainy image of the list elegantly translated as “Web Companies Annual Meeting Gift List 2015 (Confidential), ” which is listed in the same tier as a Porsche 911 and a week-long vacation to Bali.

Based on the admittedly unreliable translation plugin I used to read the article, the original report writers stress they were unable to confirm the authenticity of the list, saying they have another version where the car is present but the porn star is not.

It might just be a rumor, but don’t let that stop you from selling everything you own and starting a new life as a tireless worker at a Chinese tech company.

This is why I don't report the news anymore. It's just too erotic.
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