I hate feminists!

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I hate feminists!

Postby BumCake » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:11 am

I fucking HATE feminists. I hate them all. They are so goddamned stupid, it makes me want to cry.

A while ago, I took a Women's Studies class. As a joke.

I had a feminist friend and she was totally brainwashed by the shit, and I wanted to see if I could get sucked into the mindless and retarded world of feminism.

And I did not.

I spent the entire semester boiling with anger and writing hateful blogs about the absolutely dumb shit that was said in that class.

You know what my teacher said one time? She said that a Christmas tree is a phallic symbol. She said that an airplane is like society, in that, the male is the pilot and the females are the flight attendants. She also said that the word "menopause" is useless because the word "men" is in it.

Yeah dude, and that's just what my teacher said.

You should have heard the retarded shit that came out of the mouths of the students.

Girls really do talk way too much. And most of us really do have whiny, annoying voices. I don't. My voice is rather deep.

But there was this one girl in my class and she had the whiniest, most piercing voice. And she would say the gayest, most untrue garbage that I have ever heard.

She'd say a bunch of crap about stuff, I don't really remember cause I wasn't listening. Her voice was so high, it was at a frequency that my ears could not detect. When I say she had a whiny and annoying voice, that's just what I think. Cause I never actually heard her voice. I just looked around the classroom and saw all these dumb bitches holding their ears.

But even if I could clearly hear her voice, I still wouldn't be able to understand the shit she was saying. Cause she was speaking in a whole other language, sayin shit about sexist commercials and sexism and gender roles.

But anyway, I took that Women's Studies class more than a year ago.

I thought I was done with having to listen to ill-supported feminist propaganda. I thought that since my class had ended, I wouldn't have to be subjected to poorly supported arguments with claims supporting other claims.

But tonight, on one of my gay Myspace pages, some dumb slut posted this bulletin:

"The FDA is sexist?
So, I was at the doctor's and she began talking to me about calorie intake. As you
all may know the FDA's nutrition facts are based on a 2000 calorie diet. According
to my doctor women do not burn 2000 calories a day. MEN burn at least that much.
She told me that her metabolic rate is 1300 calories a day. If she were to consume 1301
she will gain weight. So all those labels that we read on the sides of food products?
Keep in mind ladies that your metabolic rate is not 2000 calories."


Okay, first of all, this bitch is retarded. The FDA is not sexist.

Second, her doctor has a slow metabolism.

Third, and I think this is common sense, metabolic rate varies for each person.

Fourth, just because someone's metabolic rate is 1300 calories a day, that doesn't mean that they only eat 1300 calories a day.

Fifth, metabolic rate is calculated without taking excersise into account. Metabolic rate is based on how many calories it takes for someone to burn in a 24 hour period just for maintaining bodily functions. Basically, it's how many calories you would burn if you sat still for 24 hours.

And sixth, this bitch is dumb. Maybe I've already said that before, but she is. I'm sorry, but she is.

She may be a nice person, but to think the FDA is sexist, that's just ridiculous.

One thing I always hated in my Women's Studies class is when they would disagree with science.

They would disagree with the English language and one time, they even disagreed with math. Yes, math. The one thing in this UNIVERSE that is constant.

They would bitch about how people think men are stronger and more able-bodied than women.

But it's a fucking fact, dammit. Men are stronger than women.

Yeah, they are.

Men burn fat something like twice as efficient than women, and they are able to create muscle faster than women too.

And there's a reason for it.

See cause women have these things called babies. And millions of years of human evolution dictated that women store more body fat for growing babies.

That's why women tend to gain weight around their thighs and hips. It's to keep baby warm, should there ever be a baby in there.

It's no fucking coincidence.

Feminists would always say shit that could easily be disproven with either some common sense or a quick skimming through of the Origin Of The Species.

Look, all I'm saying is that I very strongly don't like feminists and I think they should all just shut up.

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Re: I hate feminists!

Postby Zero » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:38 am




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Re: I hate feminists!

Postby Senor JabbaJohnL » Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:32 pm

Word. Now make me a sammich, woman! :bj:
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