Why the hell do sites try to be social networking sites?

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Why the hell do sites try to be social networking sites?

Postby anarky » Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:17 pm

The latest one is Hotmail. I tried to sign in earlier, and there was a server problem. But, though I couldn't access my mail, I saw for the first time that I had three friend requests. Weird. I didn't know they were going for that social networking crap. Three random girls I've never heard of. I also discovered I have a profile and all this other bullshit.

Why do sites that do one thing, and do it well, try so fucking hard to become half-assed Facebooks? Facebook is fun, for about a month or so. MySpace is a load of shit; too many bells and whistles and useless toys and intrusive ads. I don't need a new fucking "social network" when I try to send an e-mail.

I think I turned off all the networking shit on Hotmail, but I heard Yahoo is doing something similar soon, so I'll have to turn it off, too. Funny, I would think this would go against the whole "we won't share your e-mail address." I guess that doesn't apply to any fucktard pornbot spammer who can register for a free Hotmail account, eh?

And isn't it strange that, when sites turn into social networking sites, they set up an empty profile for you and, instead of defaulting everything to "private," it's public and everyone can see or do whatever to it. I apparently had a profile on YouTube with insulting comments on it for a few months before I even knew it was there. That's not cool.

Maybe if everyone would get out of their fucking houses and interact with people more, all this social networking bullshit would go bye-bye. Who am I kidding? These are corporations we're talking about. They'll beat this dead horse long after it's dog food.
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Re: Why the hell do sites try to be social networking sites?

Postby kidhuman » Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:30 pm

I logged into my hotmail for the first time in 8 months last week and I would be damned to see sit like that. I just closedit and left my 1400 emails in there, and that wasnt even spam

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Re: Why the hell do sites try to be social networking sites?

Postby Jargo » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:19 pm

to be fair, hotmail have been doing the profiles and bogging and stuff for a looooong time. I used to blog regularly and interact with the vapid bimbos that would message me from time to time. it was all arse and no trousers though. bells and whistles but nothing you could usefully personalise and strip down to basics. the contacts stalking system has been there for aeons though. along with their groups thing. private or public, permissions or no permissions. photo gallery albums. blah blah. Hotmail just go with the trend.

but i'll agree that doing so means they fail to provide a good service in the areas they do best. but with the rise in numbers of people accessing their hotmail via their cell phones all that blogging stuff and groups becomes superfluous and lame.
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